Same Day Delivery

May 01, 2019 is currently offering a Beta version of our Same Day Delivery program. The program is currently available to residents of the city of Fredericton, NB. The cost for the Same Day Delivery service is a Flat Rate of 5 dollars per transaction. One transaction consists of one or multiple items from a single pick up point to a single destination.

Items that are eligible for the Same Day Delivery must conform to the following:

The items must not have a weight above 25/lbs,

The items must easily fit into the delivery vehicle,

The items must not be heavily scented or contain allergens; and 

The items must not contain illegal or illicit substances. 

It is the Sellers responsibility to confirm that the items to be delivered conform to the above mentioned criteria. Should the items fail to conform to the above mentioned criteria they delivery fee of 5 dollars will be forfeit. reserves the right to suspend and cancel a Sellers account should the fail to conform to the guidelines set out in this document. The Purchaser & Seller agree that by is not liable for the actions of the Purchaser & Seller.
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