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LIST4FREE.ca started with a concept created in 2018. Canadians are facing massive extinction, but it is not a species at risk. Small local businesses disappear. With Sears, Zellers and even Target in Bankruptcy, how can local merchants compete with companies like Amazon, which ship very quickly with an Amazon Prime subscription?

The solution is LIST4FREE. LIST4FREE is a fully FREE online classified platform based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Individuals and business owners can list products and services for sale such as on Amazon or Kijiji. Our platform allows you to edit ads, add links to websites, publish multiple videos and images, and even allow local businesses to publish. Free advertising banners!

Kijiji & Facebook marketplace are great for selling what you do not need anymore, but you will have no guarantee that the products you buy will work and more often you will never be reimbursed by Market Place or Kijiji! With LIST4FREE, you have the option to pay immediately with PayPal. As a result, the buyer and seller, as well as businesses and individuals, are protected by Paypal's 100% Money Back Guarantee. So you never have to worry about someone trying to change you again.

On the same day, optional delivery will be available in Fredericton from mid-June for fees processed via Paypal. Say goodbye to summary meetings and strange exchange places! Let the LIST4FREE.ca mail pick up your item and drop it at the buyer's address. Check our delivery rates the same day!

I know that many of you are used to using other platforms to put your items on sale. It's your chance to support local businesses. We need to take a stand and keep what we have in New Brunswick to support New Brunswick businesses. If something is not done soon, the New Brunswick merchants will disappear.

Please support local businesses!

R. Dunbar
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